Creative clutter

My enthusiasm for blogging ebbs and flows like the tide though not as consistently. Today, as winter returns instead of May’s usual promise, the creative juices are definitely running dry. Just as well I can turn to a some thoughts from a more enthusiastic day. Not a spot the difference game but a picture for you to think about. Ideal now I look at it with fresh eyes for a memory game or a recycling quiz  . Which of these items can you put in your recycling box/take to recycling centre/ repurpose/ send to landfill/the sea?


No surprise to learn most of this is heading to sea unless it can be repurposed. Suggestion I made to stuffoholic partner that the bulbs were perfect for steampunk jewellery as suggested by Bored Panda were met with that look that needs no words. I rather liked the bubble bees and spiders too. Anyway here my attempt.*


still stuff

Impressed?! Depressed! Don’t give up the day job, best hits the mark. Oh well Rome wasn’t built in a day…. (today I found the James Clear  version  .. but they were laying bricks every hour !) So maybe I haven’t saved any of it from landfill today but at least I paused and tried.

p.s * Btw… Attempt at a robot . Fellow stuffoholic has suggested it might not be obvious!

Every Night is Book Night

Oh yes it is!

Feeling a tad worn out & completely lacking inspiration for this week’s blog post, I’ve given myself permission to cheat by revisiting an old one. This time last year, I was looking at ways of parting with books… which seems particularly apt today, as we are celebrating World Book Night (I’m celebrating by staying away from any location where I might be gifted a free book!)

And so, without further ado, I shall transport you back to April 2017, where I was just starting to consider the possibility that I own too many books…

1.Bookcases     2.bookcases

though I’m not sure how many is Too Many…

4.more books

more than I could possibly read in one life time, perhaps…

5. last one

certainly, more than I can keep track of…


More than once, I’ve brought home a gem from a charity shop only to discover I already own a copy. And often I recommend something to a friend, only to discover it’s gone into hiding. A couple of bookshelves are arranged alphabetically, but the sense of order soon descends into a chaos of anonymous boxes & To-Be-Read heaps. Then there are the archives… books I read to my children, books I read as a child, some dreadfully outdated and cringeworthy, but remembered with fondness & stowed somewhere I don’t have to trip over them on too regular a basis.

Whilst I defend any bibliophile’s right to say there is most certainly no such thing as Too Many Books, I’m ready to admit I currently own far too many for me. Though I tremble to type it, I’m planning a humane cull. It’s not terribly methodical, but nor was the way I amassed this lot in the first place. I’ve started by picking a random shelf, seizing a book and asking “will I ever want to read you?” Surprisingly, I’ve answered no more often than I’d anticipated. So long as I find a new home for this book, somewhere it can feel loved and useful, I’ve found I can set it free with minimal feelings of guilt.

How do I do this?

A very popular way of getting rid of books is to sell them online. This seems a perfect solution… your unwanted volume finds a loving reader & you earn a little cash to boot.

sproutOne downside is your book could fail to sell, doubling the rejection as well as calling into question your taste in reading matter. It’s worth persevering, but after reducing the price & relisting it a few times, you’ll be ready to give the pesky thing away for free.

Donating unwanted items to charity shops is generally a great idea. You benefit from a reduction in clutter, the buyer picks up a bargain, and the charity receives much-needed funds. However, charity shops are businesses and as such aim for a high turn-over of stock. They prefer good quality mainstream fiction, or valuable rarities… nothing tatty or well-thumbed. Just be aware that books which do not sell are destined for pulping!



Recently I’ve come across a book share shelf in my local train station. I’ve noticed that anything left here rarely hangs about for long, so I don’t feel guilty about dropping off my books and magazines & scurrying away. Sometimes book sharing shelves in stations, or even supermarkets, also have a donations box for a local charity. No threat of pulping, the book just sits patiently til it finds a new reader. Good karma all round.

Another way of passing on your unloved tomes to a more appreciative audience is to pop them in a Little Free Library.  A friendly sticker on the front invites you to Take a book, Return a book, Donate a book. If you can resist the first of this trio, well done… the net number of books in your house has diminished!

6. LFL


Whether you want to borrow or donate, why not check out your local Little Free Library. I’m not sure why, but there seems to be an exceptionally high number in Waltham Forest, East London.


Finally, if you like the idea of giving books to complete strangers, Bookcrossing bookcrossing-sample-labeltakes this one step further by adding the possibility of hearing back from the person who picks up your book. You only receive feedback from about one in ten of the books you set free & the recipients don’t always enjoy them as much as you did . I released an economics text book which was apparently used to light a BBQ!

So… in the past two weeks I have Bookcrossed, I have left novels on bookshare shelves & in Little Free Libraries & I’ve managed to sell one (of 35) listed on eBay. The overall book content of my house has gone down.

Just one small blip. I saw this on the train & I couldn’t just leave it there…



Live with less

Today need space. Feeling trapped by stuff. Buried underneath it all. Dismay at steady stream of new things marching into house while old resolutely fights to stay. It’s suffocating me, it’s pressing on my soul. Often feel to light a match and walk out the door. Did I really say that. Bit dark today. I’m just angry that I can’t just throw it away and start afresh. Stop the consumer merry go round or at least jump off if others enjoy the ride. I dream of calm ordered space but am still in nightmare when open my eyes. Live life less. Hmm was that slip mine or autocorrect. Live with less. ….. At this point I could suggest an external link that offers neat solutions. If only it were so simple. Maybe it is in the parallel worlds.



Tempus fugit but does anything real change. Reflecting today on words written long before started this latest leg of journey.

Surer now than  ever that consumerism is not way forward for y ersoba elightment. What! Could leave this uncorrecxed as expressionist art and development of language in an autocorrect world  but can’t as it  just reads like nonsense.

Surer now than  ever that consumerism is not way forward for my personal enlightenment.

Will continue to share what does work . Living with imperfection is on the list.

Setting time limits for tasks works for me too. alarmThere goes alarm!!!!


Have a nice  day


but ….. modern blog is not complete without a picture so here a favourite . Live with less.