Spot the difference desk game solution


1a. desk before

2. Desk, after

Today the promised solution to the ‘spot the difference’ game (click here first if you have no idea what I’m talking about). How many items did you find? If you found all 12 then you cheated because some of them were buried under stuff, not in clear sight. Clutter doesn’t play by the rules! The trouble with stuff is it expands to fill the space available. All this stuff moved and yet  now its gone there still isn’t clear space . This is lesson number one . Do not become obsessive about clear space or you will surely drive yourself mad . Be satisfied with glimpses into a minimalists world (if you’re an aspiring  minimalist you took a wrong google turn to get here) and then relax into your comfy stuffoholic space.

3. Removed

Today, could stop with just this picture but where and why did that stuff go? That’s the trouble with some stuffoholics they can’t just throw things away and move on.

First, Stuff waiting to be recycled but don’t know where to take it. Used Batteries (beside the mug if you didn’t spot them)  and broken boiler remote control (on top of pile in right hand corner). Answer was the local recycling centre takes small electricals and the Sainsburys Local takes batteries. If you think you don’t have facilities locally try Recycle Now you might be pleasantly surprised. If not complain!

Next that Stuff waiting to be put away but have forgotten to do so. New bright pink mouthguard case (spare) (I can explain why need a spare but won’t detour at this point) and the CCS Foot  cream. Obviously put stuff in the place it belongs straightaway. Where does it belong ? If this question isn’t being sarcastic then the answer is the first place I would look for it. I understand not everyone in a household will agree on this simple step.

Stuff of potential use but no idea what to do with it. Desk is pretty good in this respect but the rest of house is a different matter.  What was lurking.  Need a magnifying glass to spot  and even then would have failed. Old credit cards, to be fair inside envelope marked ‘destroy or do something’ so had a plan. Out of sight out of mind though so kept forgetting to action and it seemed a shame to consign them to landfill. I have now found an excellent post with 20 ingenious uses for those old credit cards . I would love to turn them into designer earrings but reluctantly they have been consigned to the bin. Farewell plastic cards I wish you were biodegradable and not going to kill the turtles.

I expect you were unsure how Stuff that needs a ladder was on the list. The shiny bits fell off the lampshade and ….. No you can’t see them in the before pic but you can see the edge of the tray. Solution: Get a housekeeper. Seriously , accept that some jobs will have to wait for next spring clean or annual pigs flying past whichever comes sooner.

Free stuff and gifts …Catalogue for a shop with lovely pictures and that great smell of fresh paper . Bit of a surprise they produced it and a well meaning friend brought me a copy so how can I  just put in recycling bin. By being firm and closing my eyes. It will be gone as soon as my fellow stuffoholc arrives makes me a cup of tea and firmly talks to me about 5 a day . Moving it meant that book that was lying on side could stop lazing and stand upright. I don’t think even with the title ” Ten minute stress relief” it’s going to survive the next decluttering attempt. Then there is the Tray . It’s a lovely tray that was given to me to put my cups of tea on by a friend who was worried about the rings on the table. I never  do /did use it for that purpose because once put anywhere it fills with stuff. It’s a lovely tray and you can put stuff in it to stop the stuff falling on the floor. I will find it a good home promise. maybe it can be the prize in the next ‘spot the difference’ game.

Stuff bought from Amazon which was excellent value and good quality but … Amazon has a lot to answer. If only it was one click return the same as one click buy. I think instead of a prompt to check if you’ve finished shopping and do you really want more. For a small annual fee there should be a prompt which says “Do you really want this?” It seemed a good idea at the time an iPad case – the neoprene sleeve will cushion it from falls and it even has a pocket for bits but I bought another case which is indestructible and as I rarely leave the house with iPad this just sits looking at me reproachfully.  I will use it someday because it really is perfect for the job I had in mind if ever  go back to the life I had .  Hmm.. on reading back can see this is not persuasive case.  Freegle beckons or British Heart Foundation or ‘raffle’ prize (ok not the raffle prize).

Stuff that has been replaced by newer stuff Old iPhone ( it was neatly tucked in out of the way if you didn’t spot it) which has been superseded but didn’t transfer old notes and will now have to retype them but they are really important just haven’t got around to it and a year has passed. Also it was my son’s old phone which is why I have it at all would still be on iPhone 4 otherwise and as at the bottom of reusing chain there is no family member to pass it to. And the camera is still good and …. This one needs further research. There has to be a home for obsolete very expensive gadgets on the planet not buried in the earth for future generations to dig up.

Stuff I might need for a repair/ project/ someday. Now that jar of stuff could be at the bottom of a drawer which is much worse.  One jar is pretty good in scheme of things. I’ll put the jar in the ‘might need one day’ drawer. Every home should have one but just one.

Lastly, Stuff to remind me to do a task Pot with fluorescent pink gunk which is on desk so I will  remember to do my hand exercises but as can’t see pot once lift up laptop lid never do. Anyway, desk isn’t clear enough as need clear space to do exercises hmm…

So there we have it, a tiny bit clearer maybe a little wiser. Another day another attempt after all who knows what tomorrow will bring (hopefully not more stuff).


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