What to do with Stuff


Perfection Paralysis is often a trait found in Stuffoholics so this page sat in drafts waiting for it to be as good as the sites it signposts. Decided one day that one of the tips from this journey is Do Something .. that’s right it may not be the perfect solution but at least you’ll have learnt something by trying. So here goes ….

Did you find your way here because keen to do something with your stuff but not sure how or what. Maybe these links to good advice and projects will help to get you on your way, after all who knows what you could find to do with that stuff behind the sofa (or even the sofa!)

Please note though that one R that’s missing is RUBBISH. If you want to just throw it away you might want to read this first. 



  • Minimising household waste
    My Zero Waste- Making our world a cleaner place. Information & practical advice on reducing the amount we send to landfill.
  • Minimising food waste                                                                                                       Food Waste Friday – SimplyBeingMum’s weekly No Waste tastes great routine            Love Food Hate Waste – “Keeping food out of the bin is good for our pockets and the planet combined”                                                                                                         Gleaning Network – Help save, for people to eat, the 1000s of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables wasted on farms


  • Books
    Bookcrossing– if you love your books, let them go
  • Furniture/household items/miscellaneous
    Freegle- Don’t throw it away, give it away!                                                                   Preloved – Discover the joy of secondhand – Free to Buy and Sell


  • Electricals
    The Restart Project– We’re consuming too fast, creating unnecessary waste and feeling frustrated. Let’s fix our relationship with electronics

  •  Clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, toys, ….                        Repair Café – Have fun sharing skills to give stuff a new lease of life.


  • Upcycling
    Upcycle That– Ideas and inspiration
  • Using fabric stash                                                                                                           Morsbags – Sociable, Guerrilla,Bagging – join a pod . Make, use, give away bags.


  • Minimising household waste
    My Zero Waste– Making our world a cleaner place. Information & practical advice on reducing the amount we send to landfill.
  • Plastic Free
    Green Livvy – 30 Day Plastic Challenge. “Be part of the Solution not the Pollution”          Plastic is Rubbish – A guide to living plastic less – How to cut unnecessary plastic out of your life & meet the other people doing it.
  • Less household stuff                                                                                                        Library of Things – Where you can borrow useful things and learn how to use them


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