How to declutter your desk

There is much excellent advice out there on how to clear your desk which  I had intended to follow and comment on how it had left me ready to now face much darker corners of my cluttered world. The Before and After pictures out there showed me what is possible in shorter and shorter times if only I focused. There is though a weary but… I feel a failure.  I too can remove everything from desk except laptop and mouse and then put items back only if needed. But, …..I need to have a cupboard where I can put all that stuff I took off my desk as its left unsaid where it will otherwise have gone.

This blog is supposed to provide me with real solutions not photoshop masterclasses. So, here instead my attempt at Before and After pictures which are more subtle than the Space clear converts’ but the best I can do without that cupboard given the time constraint set.  In fact not so much an organizer’s  dream  more like a ‘spot the difference’ game.

Ah well, this was supposed to be fun , you get to play too. Go on can you find the 12 items which have been relocated in order for me to reach more easily my mouse . I did shuffle a few bits around too but they don’t count.

1a. desk before

2. Desk, after

Still looking ? Here I’ll give you some clues.

    • Stuff waiting to be recycled but don’t know where to take it
    •  Stuff waiting to be put away but have forgotten to do so as stop noticing it is there until need it and then don’t remember it is hidden under stuff on desk
    •  Stuff of potential use but no idea what to do with it
    •  Stuff that needs a ladder….
    • Free stuff and gifts
    •  Stuff bought from Amazon which was excellent value and good quality but …
    •  Stuff that has been replaced by newer stuff
    • Stuff I might need for a repair/ project/present /someday (delete as applicable)
    • Stuff to remind me to do a task.

Found them all ? Well my blogging time is up for today so haven’t time to put in link to solution. I will return but in meantime would love to hear from you. All correct entries will receive a Prize!! The gift every Stuffoholic desires –  Nothing , not even a voucher for nothing in a box.

As promised, I came back, here is link  to solution 

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