Travel light

Mount FugiMy son having moved far far away 5 years ago is now relocating a mere 150 miles. I , a stuffoholic, of course assumed rather than selling or finding homes for his stuff he would be packing all he had accumulated and hiring a large van. He though tells me  he cannot (or is that will not) take all he has collected with him and unlike me recognises even if he could take it all some things like his spiderman costume should be  left behind. I’m not disappointed to find out that if  hanging on to things is a genetic trait then it is not a gene I passed on. I asked him of course whether some of the things he is disposing of could not be passed on to his brother who is going to be in the same country albeit 300 miles or so away. He sighed. Well actually he didn’t he humoured me as if I were the child and explained that the sensible option was for his brother to make his own choices not live with his. My son’s sage advice to his brother was  travel light and think hard before buying any  new possessions. Advice I could not find fault with as advice for life.

Let only memories be packed when you move on… and even then be wary of letting the past whether good or bad stop you from enjoying the present or the future.