It’s been a while since we’ve tapped the keys to share our latest success/failure/insight , somehow life has got in the way of sharing our rightstuffing journey. Finding the time/inclination to share the ups and downs while coping with “real” life changing events made writing about an untidy drawer seems like worrying about spilling a drink on the Titanic.

So what changed for a post to appear. Last week, as we shredded my 1990’s credit card statement collection, remember those flimsy carbons I’d filed them too, fellow stuffoholic insisted that we treated this blog like the other stuff which had a purpose but it was now time to let it go.Stubbornly I resisted the idea of never blogging again but couldn’t bring myself to pen a post either. Hurt at the thought the site we had breathed life into was moribund through my neglect , perhaps it had actually already expired without me noticing a warning wordpress email to an email account I never check.

I argued it wasn’t moribund it was restingĀ  while fellow stuffholic quoted from a famous sketch … it is no more”, “has ceased to be”, “bereft of life, it rests in peace”, and “this is an ex- blog” to finish. Ah but ,…. words usually used to save an item not used in decades but now needed as it is heading for the repurposing home better known as the tip.

Ah but its hibernating till the spring. Hmm they responded but it is now spring so are you going to write anything. Well (hole in ground as my granny would have said) maybe not hibernating but dormant , so will spring back to life but no one knows when.

So here we are today, just to let you know , we will as they say be back, and to leave on a positive note , like the daffodils we will appear when it is the right time to do so.


We can be found tweeting at @stuffoholics till then.