Don’t keep it

It’s been a while since I’ve felt to blog. Why? Because Life got in the way. True but only part of the explanation. Truth is I felt there was nothing new to say. No matter how much was recycled, repurposed, refused , there was still too much stuff for many lifetimes, let alone this one. So why today returning to blog, another potentially endless task to add to the others on the never ending to-do list. Why indeed! Well because perversely I find that blogging clears my head. Forcing me to remember that action is what leads to action and maybe even change and my purpose lost found.

So here today’s lesson. I needed a new folder (do not start questioning me till the end) and the cheapest WHSmith folder was an unusual shape. Naturally conservative and suspicious of change I thought it would be good for me to try something new. After all surely a new design was because it had features I needed that I just hadn’t realised I did.

Is it not a lovely thing. I could see myself at last on stationery leading edge instead of lagging behind . But … it doesn’t lie flat . It sticks out on bookcase. It falls over. It doesn’t behave the way I  need my folder to behave. At this point in the past I would have put it on a shelf, in a cupboard , out of sight and hoped it would somehow become what I needed when I got it out again. This blog though has taught me that is how I end up drowning (in stuff). So to return to the title I took it back to the shop and felt a weight lifted from my overstuffed life.  Better yet on hearing this sorry tale my fellow stuffoholic went looking in her folder stash ( that a tale for another day) . Voila ! the perfect folder, now reloved and unlike the other one it makes me smile!