Creative clutter

My enthusiasm for blogging ebbs and flows like the tide though not as consistently. Today, as winter returns instead of May’s usual promise, the creative juices are definitely running dry. Just as well I can turn to a some thoughts from a more enthusiastic day. Not a spot the difference game but a picture for you to think about. Ideal now I look at it with fresh eyes for a memory game or a recycling quiz  . Which of these items can you put in your recycling box/take to recycling centre/ repurpose/ send to landfill/the sea?


No surprise to learn most of this is heading to sea unless it can be repurposed. Suggestion I made to stuffoholic partner that the bulbs were perfect for steampunk jewellery as suggested by Bored Panda were met with that look that needs no words. I rather liked the bubble bees and spiders too. Anyway here my attempt.*


still stuff

Impressed?! Depressed! Don’t give up the day job, best hits the mark. Oh well Rome wasn’t built in a day…. (today I found the James Clear  version  .. but they were laying bricks every hour !) So maybe I haven’t saved any of it from landfill today but at least I paused and tried.

p.s * Btw… Attempt at a robot . Fellow stuffoholic has suggested it might not be obvious!

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