Live with less

Today need space. Feeling trapped by stuff. Buried underneath it all. Dismay at steady stream of new things marching into house while old resolutely fights to stay. It’s suffocating me, it’s pressing on my soul. Often feel to light a match and walk out the door. Did I really say that. Bit dark today. I’m just angry that I can’t just throw it away and start afresh. Stop the consumer merry go round or at least jump off if others enjoy the ride. I dream of calm ordered space but am still in nightmare when open my eyes. Live life less. Hmm was that slip mine or autocorrect. Live with less. ….. At this point I could suggest an external link that offers neat solutions. If only it were so simple. Maybe it is in the parallel worlds.



Tempus fugit but does anything real change. Reflecting today on words written long before started this latest leg of journey.

Surer now than  ever that consumerism is not way forward for y ersoba elightment. What! Could leave this uncorrecxed as expressionist art and development of language in an autocorrect world  but can’t as it  just reads like nonsense.

Surer now than  ever that consumerism is not way forward for my personal enlightenment.

Will continue to share what does work . Living with imperfection is on the list.

Setting time limits for tasks works for me too. alarmThere goes alarm!!!!


Have a nice  day


but ….. modern blog is not complete without a picture so here a favourite . Live with less.


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