Not Gone but forgotten

you just never know when you’ll repurpose a broken …….

Good morning or good afternoon or good night. I have been inspired by KonMari to tackle my desk and to try to accept that someday useful stuff or even stuff I think I love is of no use carefully tidied(hidden)  away never to see the light of day.

I cannot believe an item from a post that promised regular reviews of items has languished in the in-tray on my desk for a mere 22 months when it was to be reviewed after 3 months. More to the point what pleasure has it given me over this period. Why did I keep it ? Is it any use to someone else? Can it be repurposed? All good questions which made me cry. No wonder I cannot tackle the big issues as I arrive at a life junction where I need to accept change when I cannot easily let go of an item without purpose as if being asked to say farewell to a dear friend. 

What to do. The modern solution. Take a picture. Thank item for its good service and send it on its way to the great recycling centre in the sky (well down the road but that didn’t feel quite as poetic) to become I hope something else.


A broken thingummyjig saying goodbye before heading for a new home

Farewell old friend . Finally gone and I hope almost certainly forgotten. Now what to do about that tray.  Remember that  ….lovely tray that was given to me to put my cups of tea on by a friend who was worried about the rings on the table. BUT I never  do /did use it for that purpose because once put anywhere it fills with stuff. …..  I guess it’s not a  KonMari solution to think it really would make a suitable prize for the next ‘spot the difference’ game.


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