Get On With It!

Get Your Shit Together

It has taken me two weeks to write this blog. I’m a reluctant blogger and I’m starting to realise that writing about decluttering has simply become another way to avoid decluttering.

My progress over the past two years has been steady, but slow. Way too slow. So today I pulled this book from my groaning bookshelves. Like most self help books I own, there was a bookmark around chapter two. Which possibly explains why my shit is most definitely not together.

Anyhow, I’m not going to ramble on about my failings. I’ve zoomed through Get Your Shit Together and these are the bits that struck a chord for me…

  • What’s stopping me? Seriously, stop blaming lack of time, money or space. Forget the blame game. If this shit is bothering me, do something about it today. Now (well, maybe finish this post first.)
  • Lists are faffing in disguise. No amount of talking about the problem will help. Just start sorting it out.
  • “Everything you do is action-generating. The more shit you tackle, the more shit you are able to tackle.” This is so true… once I start clearing the clutter in earnest, I gain momentum and end up getting rid of far more than I first intended.
  • “Be ruthless when it comes to clearing- it is both emotionally cathartic & practical.” Again, it’s as if this woman knows me. I must stop over-sentimentalising everything. All these tiny souvenirs add up to one huge mountain of clutter. They aren’t helping me enjoy my life, they are draining my energy.

So, the blog’s written. I’m off to get my shit together, one shelf at a time.

Who wants this book next?

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