Out of sight, out of mind

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”

H. L. Mencken


Today the title might have meant you expected a picture of a cupboard or wardrobe. From the outside no issue but once drawer or door opened it clear that we are drowning in stuff. Amazed at how much can be crammed into such a tiny space but in so doing making it impossible to access anything, each time door opened. Once opened door quickly shut again till have time to deal with all that stuff. Mixture of usual suspects that plague our cluttered lives –  things that need to be kept, let go, repaired, rehomed, recycled, remembered, forgotten…….


But all of that is for another day. No, today we return to that desk of mine.  The slightly out of focus picture a deliberate photographic device to symbolise loss of decluttering way. The desk suffering from the opposite of ‘out of sight,out of mind’ syndrome.  Not the spot the difference desk game but more jenga should I need to retrieve something from it.  Why? The fear that a task will be forgotten if put away, so left in open view so it will get done. Now if the task is to take something somewhere on the morrow then putting it by the door is an excellent device. But here’s the rub if it is to take it somewhere at time unspecified then it will fail.  After  48hrs an item placed somewhere to remind you to deal with it becomes invisible at best and at worst something else is put on top of it and it becomes a new permanent table!

So what do I propose doing to tackle the pile that is perilously perched on desk and I need to be reminded to do.

A box and a list


  • Each task that is not going to be done TODAY (I don’t mean early tomorrow I mean today !!) will be put on list and a time set by when it must be done. Associated paper and stuff  will be put in box
  • Each morning, before open lid to waken sleeping laptop, must look at list and take from box stuff whose expiry date has been reached. If there is nothing about to create a crisis then I can tackle task(s) of choice.
  • Almost forgot, at end of day , task(s) not done get put on list and in box. Experience suggests this step could prove trickier than step 1 as one always thinks it’s not worth doing because you’ll deal with them tomorrow!

As ever wish me luck and a Happy #cleardeskday  to you too!

ps Ok those of you who are sticklers for detail it’s not officially Clear your desk day today but why wait it could be.

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