Be careful what you wish for


This blog began back in May with the direct aim of helping us tackle the mountains of clutter which were threatening to engulf us. In the past seven months we’ve had some small successes, interspersed with the odd relapse. After decades of gathering this stuff around us, it was never going to be easy to get rid of it all.

Well, on Sunday a whole heap of stuff left my house; boxes of kitchenware, bags of clothes, books, bedding, electrical equipment, a guitar… all headed out the front door for good. There’s a huge empty space this clutter once occupied. It’s strange to see, like the gap left by a pulled tooth.

I stand on my newly claimed floor space with confused emotions. Yes, it’s great to see floorboards again, but I’m not really celebrating. The clutter has gone, but so has my daughter… off to make her way in the big wide world.  It’s true I wanted the clutter gone, but not the clutterer.

Given time, I’m sure I’ll start feeling better about all this.

But right now, I really miss that clutter.

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