Can’t Complain, Won’t Complain!

File:ME 322 DontFixMyProblems.png

Have been dissatisfied and frustrated of late that things do not always move at the pace or in the direction I think they ‘should’ whether decluttering home or ‘campaigning’ out in the wider world.  Decided therefore that perhaps instead of complaining would try the 30 day ‘To not complain ‘challenge . Now bear in mind if  complaining were an Olympic sport  then I have often thought I could be a gold medallist.  So this was not a challenge I expected to be easy.  But, also have had cause to reflect of late whether I always use this skill wisely so perhaps setting it aside might not be a loss.  No point just being vocal , that’s the easy part . Surely have to be sure use that anger or frustration to make a difference to self or others.  Complaining for it’s own sake is just whining and hard to argue that’s good for the soul or helps gets things done.

At this point, typically would share success at how this challenge had proved difficult but ultimately rewarding. I’m not going to because yesterday proved I have a long way to go.  Today have modified challenge for week ahead to be more achievable . For 60 minutes a day I’m going to not complain even in my head.  Wish me luck .  I won’t say a word of reproach till those minutes have passed and hope that success will get me through another 60 minutes and so on. Till eventually, if persevere, a  day will have passed complaint free and I will be closer to where I would like to be. What works for me may not for thee but if you’re stuck complaining try going complaint free!


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