Still Picking it Up

This week I’m hundreds of miles from home. How will I tackle my accumulated stuff? I could always have a go at sorting out the heaps of mental/emotional stuff which have no doubt accompanied me to my new location. To be honest, this doesn’t sound like much fun. Instead, I’m going to sort out someone else’s stuff.

Litter- things left behind by one thoughtless person, which quickly become everybody’s problem. This week was the perfect opportunity to try out the Litterati app

It’s very easy to use. Simply take a picture of the litter, tag it with a description (#can #waterbottle #coke #mcdonalds etc) and upload it. You then recycle the rubbish, if possible, or bin it. And that’s it. Thanks to you, the environment is better off than it was five minutes ago.

You may ask what difference it could make, picking up that one crisp packet. Well, it makes all the difference in the world. My 33 pieces of rubbish are a small contribution towards the 648,266 items already collected by Litterati users. It’s a promising start. And collecting very real litter makes a lot more sense to me than collecting virtual, pixelated pocket monsters!

Still not convinced? Jeff explains it far better than I can…


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