Life’s Essentials

I used to keep the rest of a 6 pack of toilet rolls in the cupboard under the sink. ……..

Not the most obvious line to start an entertaining blog with but to cut a long story short, the wheelchair means there is no longer a cupboard under the sink and the shelves, at a height I can reach, are premium space.  I therefore in an idle moment and in the spirit of clear floor space googled ‘toilet roll storage’.  The result was to discover a  post  that has some pictures which tempted me to fleetingly consider buying something which I don’t need but could want.  A toilet roll tree for the wall,  stylish almost practical but at $180 I would have to not eat (and not just cake) for several weeks to justify its purchase. So I put the thought aside.

But there was more,  what of the wall mounted cloud toilet roll shelf . Far more practical (though in this house there might be an issue with putting up a level shelf and a lopsided cloud almost inevitable)  and still Art too. My cloud would be a thing to spark conversation and at last I could claim to possess something designery in my humble abode. Would it be worth not eating for several weeks for such a prize. After all I could even paint the shelf silver so my cloud had a silver lining (groan!!!) . Alas, it was not to be. I thought wait a minute as soon as you use up a toilet roll you have lost that cloud shape . Does that mean you have to keep another spare spare pack to fill this cloud up. In which case where does that spare pack reside. Would I ever in my new streamlined decluttered world need 13 toilet rolls. What sort of crisis means I need more than one spare roll let alone 13. How would I refill it so toilet rolls were rotated so I didn’t end up with grey dusty rolls at the bottom. Enough . Reductio ad absurdumm. Sense not shillings decided me.

Hmm …  so what is the lesson for this week. Simple! Simplicity means just that. On this ‘decluttering’ journey I’m going to have to be clear the difference between needs and wants  but also I must not get seduced by other people’s apparently perfect lives. I must live my own.  Repeat after me , There is nothing wrong with a neat pile of toilet rolls in a corner of the bathroom.

toilet paper storage ideas giraffe ornament




Mind you , still feel free to contact me if that giraffe you no longer love is in need of a new home.


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