Pick it Up

Keep Britain TidyKeep Britain Tidy have been around since 1960, campaigning to educate litterers and convince them to dispose of rubbish in a more thoughtful manner.  Their poster campaigns should be familiar to anyone who grew up in the UK. Personally, I find it more than a little depressing that this environmental charity is still needed in this day and age… but a quick look around our streets & countryside clearly shows their message needs shouting louder than ever.

Keep Britain Tidy app

In the 21st century, a picture of a friendly lion or popular comedy duo is unlikely to convince anyone to care for their environment. But everybody loves an app; though it won’t actually pick up the litter & bin it, this can be used to report environmental issues to the relevant local council at the click of a button.

More phone apps:

Littergram, “Using the power of your phone and social media to clean up Britain.” Simple to follow:  Snap It (take photos of litter and other incidents with your phone) Share It (upload your photos to LitterGram and share on social media) and Sort It (councils identify litter grot spots and clear up the mess.)

Litterati “Join the community identifying, mapping, and collecting the world’s litter.” This app aims to identify the most commonly found brands and products. This data will be used to work with companies and organizations to find more sustainable solutions. At the time of writing 606, 905 items of litter had been photographed, tagged and removed.

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Though these are handy tools for tackling a growing problem, they can’t beat the least technical solution in the book…  putting your phone away, picking up the rubbish & disposing of it responsibly.

this one

Pick it up!


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