Celebrate small victories

This post was going to be a blank screen as my efforts this past week to ‘responsibly’ declutter less blogworthy than I would hope. It is as I’ve discovered easy to throw it all away but once I changed the ‘rules’ so now also avoiding landfill it has becomes a real challenge. No matter life is about how we tackle the uphill not just the flat and effort counts as well as achievement. Fine words but I remained unconvinced I had anything to justify putting pen to paper or rather fingers to keys when I recalled a favourite post from If I were my own best friend … blog . After all as  the author  says “If I were my own best friend I would tell myself to…..celebrate small victories (even if they may not actually seem like victories). and she then goes on to recount this tale.


***I grew a small plant! A seedling actually. But still, a small plant! And I grew it! All. On. My. Own! This is a big deal – I have struggled to grow plants and to keep them alive. And this plant even lived for a few days. Until I decided that growing a small plant out of the side of the sink I never remember to clean……”

The plant is not the small victory , though I’m tempted to leave it at that. No to end the post the promise is … Moving  forward I plan to celebrate small victories – like wiping down the side sink on a regular basis and maybe even growing another house plant (in a pot with soil).” Wise words to make small actions count.

So what is (I’d like to say are but not so) my small victory this week.  Well, not that you would notice but I  have actually managed (albeit by a little emotional blackmail as I cannot climb a ladder anymore) to get those dangly bits in the pic back on the shade.  No idea what I’m talking about click here.

3. RemovedI would include here the pic to prove the task done . I understand in an Instagram world words are not suffice though of course I argue in a Photoshop world what is truth anyway. But that will have to wait . My time limit for this blogging task run out. Enough soul searching . I will finish with a quote from the same blog by an influential ‘philosopher’ – Cookie Monster from Sesame Street

“Today me will live in the moment unless it is unpleasant in which case me will eat a cookie” 

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