off they go

Happy New Year, one and all. Yes, I know it’s a bit late for that, but I’m never really sure at what point it stops being the New Year and simply becomes the year.

I’m not going to bore you with my list of resolutions for 2019, but do feel a quick audit would be apt at the start of another (hopefully less cluttered) year.

So, let’s take a quick look back at my new year plans for 2018. A quick summary: ditch the books, stop buying magazines, sort out years of saved paperwork, bake all the family birthday cakes, & pick up 1000 pieces of litter.

Well, I managed to wave goodbye to 327 books (just a drop in the booky ocean.) I did stop buying magazines, don’t miss them & enjoy not having them around. The boxes of paperwork persist. Four delicious cakes were cooked this year, avoiding all that pointless packaging & actually tasting far better than anything the supermarket had on offer. We had three community litter picks last year, so the goal of 1000 pieces was definitely smashed (but thanks to my phone being stolen, I stopped counting each piece on Litterati.)

It’s very easy looking back on a year and thinking little has been achieved… or looking forward and thinking the tasks ahead will never be cleared. But today I’m feeling (uncharacteristically) optimistic.

At the end of my first blog for 2018 I joked: “Right, I’m thinking that’s enough Good Intentions for one year. If I carry on, a New Year’s Resolution might creep up on me unawares. Such as pledging to remove 2018 items from my cluttered house in the coming year. No, that would never do.”

Well, I kept count of the departing clutter & managed to get rid of 810 unwanted/unloved/unused items last year. Nowhere near 2018, but that’s still 810 fewer things in my house.

So there we are, I survived my New Year clutter audit & have one resolution for the coming year:

2019 things have to go

And here are the first 14 books ready for rehoming, so the total’s already down to 2005.

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