Food Glorious Food

christmas dinner

Good Afternoon , as you may have spotted today’s blog was not posted on Monday . Last week we had our alternative Christmas lunch – plastic (almost – we couldn’t resist the mini christmas puds and brandy cream) and meat free . This week could have been full of pictures and suggestions for festive season in keeping with our usual eco guilt style – covering food waste and unecessary plastic and ending the piece with promise  that next year would be different. But I was sent  a link to a youtube video – Practice Anger not Joy  by a friend the modern way to spread sentiment without need for personal engagement . Sentimental undoubtedly but it touched a chord. ..

That the start of the blog planned for monday but it was just too dreary for the pre-christmas slot if it continued in that vein. It has taken till today to find something to bring it to an upbeat conclusion.   Today , I share with you the Christmas no 1 , humour in chaotic times and a gentle reminder that you may want to consider donating to the Trussell Trust or a food bank scheme near you.

All together … We built this city … on Sausage Rolls ,,,,


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