I will do one thing today

Earlier in this journey a stormy night had put me in frame of mind where it felt like moving deckchairs on Titanic to tackle my stuff. Time has passed and the clutter monster has been tackled and tamed in part but also grown in places where it has been left alone. The world can still be a daunting place, natural disasters and political posturing much to the fore of late. So returning to that post. What can I do? Well, the post reminded me that I can choose to do just one thing today. To give myself the satisfaction of completing a task no matter how small and not just berate myself for the stuff not yet done. What I mused should I choose to get star treatment. I decided to tackle this box.


I have been happily adding to this box with no plan as to what will happen when I can stuff no more in. I have tripped and fallen into the it may come in useful someday trap, a perennial risk for a stuffoholic. Each item added worthy and  innocent enough but the cumulative effect unless questioned would be anything that entered this house would stay well past the date when it should have left. For example, how many old newspapers does one really need? One might postulate it depends of course on how many you use and how frequently supply can be replenished. Undeniably so but with free newspapers readily available one could argue the answer thus must be only one or two given that is the most one would use in a week unless decorating or gardening or ….. As a  stuffoholic of course I will reason that at some point supply will dry up and demand will increase. Again, almost certainly true but will it be in your lifetime is the question to ask and even if that answer is yes. Will it really matter if you have to ask family and friends if they have any of the item tucked away just in case.

Oh.. to be a minimalist …  I am sure you can see that these questions apply to all the stuff.

IMG_3285Back to achievement for today. The emptyish box did not make me smile but the discovery of a guitar playing minion in it did! For now it’s replaced an empty (now recycled) yogurt pot on desk as my must tackle plastic waste reminder.

I can say I did at least one thing today.

May you get one thing done today too.

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