Time to declutter

The day after the storm, amazing sound of thunder and lightning, distant rumble getting closer and then the rain. What you ask has this to do with decluttering? Well it meant when I went to google, the before and after pictures of tidy cupboards and clear floors seemed rather pointless in the face of the rage of the elements. Worthy as a step towards inner peace but in a way missing the essence of a clutter free life. Looked instead for simpler less materialistic vision, but first minimalist site I found today was so commercial and concerned with fonts and marketing they didn’t seem to see irony (or maybe they did) of their site mocking the ‘tips to tidy your drawer’ bloggers. I won’t say who as it’s not for me to judge others though blogging seems to bring out a competitive streak which is not helpful in trying to achieve inner calm.

Fortunately, a little more google foraging led me to this page, not how to get rid of things but instead Michele Connolly’s advice on how to declutter that to-do list. Seemed very timely as even this blog for pleasure was threatening to fall into the ‘demotivating’ category on my daily list along with my failed 5 a day attempt (that’s another story for another day).  I have had to make myself get on with writing a post instead of having numerous bright ideas. When a to-do list becomes a “cause of worry” list it’s not doing it’s job.

One-Thing-To-Do-ADHDNot going to repeat her suggestions but am taking away two thoughts. Be ruthless. Get rid of that task you are never going to do. Stop it cluttering up your head. Also, if it simply transfers each day onto the list, let that task go; do it or remove it. If it’s really important hopefully any fear that there is a consequence will stop the procrastination and it will finally get done. I’ve also decided that when the task is too big  I will just put on my list that bitesized chunk that can be done in a day. So, if 5 is to be the magic number then I’m aiming for a to-do list with no more than 5 items. A to-do list which I’m really committed to doing today so it’s not a ‘wish’ list pretending to be a plan.

Will return at a later date to let you know if this freedom to drop items from to-do list resulted in disaster or a good nights sleep.

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