Under the Bed

Recently the Stuffoholics have been thinking about things on a global level- from consumerism to littering to excessive packaging- but this week I’m bringing our blog back home. It all started with this tweet by @easydecluttering:


Magazine buying is a habit I’ve (mostly) managed to kick, but my home still has an accumulation of assorted reading matter. Rather like the books, I find it difficult to part with anything I’ve not quite finished or might want to return to some time. Which brings me to my bed:

There are many, many magazines under there. And many other things too. One thing’s for certain, there’s definitely no room for monsters to hide under there! Deep down, I knew @easydecluttering could see straight through me; I was never going to make use of this stuff.

So, out it all came…

Some highlights: 1)Pretty boxes I thought might come in handy one day. 2)Lush pots, save 5 to get one free- I have 4. 3)Broken glasses waiting to be donated to a recycling scheme. 4)So many nail varnishes. 5)Shoes I loved which are broken & shoes I hated which don’t fit. 6)Growing Soldier, who’s been outgrown. 7)Badge making machine (wondered where that went.) 8) Festive candle holders (forgot to bring them out for Christmas.) 9)Lots of letters.

Oh, and some magazines…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over 150 of them. The oldest was dated 1995. It was quite sobering to think I’d owned that particular magazine for 22 years, especially as it really wasn’t all that interesting. There were also 50 writing magazines (15 never removed from their plastic cover.) “Out of sight out of mind” springs to mind.

What now? Well, I expect some of that stuff will be going back under my bed. Where else would I keep my nail varnish/ seasonal tealight holders/ badge machine? But the gardening magazines have been given away. Maybe the Mslexias will sell on eBay. And I can leave random magazines at a local Give & Take, or on the free book shelf in my local train station.

As for the rest, who knows? I’ve made a start. And, at least for now, there’s a yawning space beneath my bed. I’ll be checking for monsters tonight…


That’s where my lens cap went!



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