Bags of bags

bagsHappy to follow the sublime Tim Minchin’s advice, I always take my canvas bags to the supermarket. They come in many guises; some are beautiful creations, whilst others are mere advertising spaces, two I received after running 5km and at least one was a prize. As you can see, they quickly add up. I now own 25 of them.

It’s clearly time to start saying no to any more freebies. Plus, I need to always carry some with me, so I’m not tempted to buy another. After all, these reusable bags have their own impact on the environment and need to be used LOTS to be less problematic than the plastic variety they are replacing (a UK Environmental Agency report found that a cotton bag would need to be used well over 100 times to have a lower environmental impact than a single-use plastic bag.)

So, my promise today is twofold… to take my canvas bags to the supermarket, and to acquire no more canvas bags.

If you haven’t heard Tim’s awesome anthem to the humble canvas bag, here you go (you will love it, but will possibly be singing it in your head for the next day or two.)


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