Why #fakewall .  Why not! a simple response but readers deserve more, expect more. It’s a long story but let me start in the middle and perhaps get to the beginning more swiftly. I had the perfect story for this post on letting go but when I went to look for it, it wasn’t where I thought it should be. After many unproductive attempts to find it , it seemed foolish not to learn the intended post’s lesson and just let it go.

What though then of today’s blank page staring at me.







Can you see a clean sheet rather than blank page an entirely suitable start to a year. Was tempted to leave it at that, if that had been plan A but felt cheating as Plan B.  Nothing came to mind…. I’d hit a brick wall. Voila! Now hitting the wall that was an all too suitable topic for this journey where the loss of potential  blog material is a clear indicator that we are still drowning (in stuff).

Topic selected but the modern blog is about images with words not vice versa so off a googling I went. The picture you see a suitable symbol not just of any wall but of the chic minimalist interior we don’t aspire to but occasionally desire. But there’s the rub,the wall is fake – just wallpaper to create an illusion. So easy to create clutter free space or a brick wall but are either real or imagined. Only you know what is and what it is meant to be. Enough philosophy to start the day. Next week we will return to tangible stuff . Till then let it go.


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