What to do about G


Who or what you ask is G and what if anythin does it have to do with stuff. Well, today we enter the last phase of that time of year where the many not the few exhibit signs of compulsive buying disorder and even when those drowning in stuff feel compelled to buy more. The post could thus have focused on how this time is really an opportunity to give away stuff and to help others with the gift of time not things. A reminder to not waste food just because we can and a link perhaps to tips on freezing and purchase of non perishables. Good stuff but not what I have planned.


The letter g on my laptop keyboard only now works intermittently. With autocorrect and auto complete this is less of an issue than you might think but still an irritation every time I try to type ood morning.  On the zero waste trail the first stop should not be replace but Repair. I enthusiastically googled ‘how to fix stuck laptop keyboard key youtube’ and was spoilt for choice.

But as well as the enthusastic “thanks this was a life saver” in the comments there was also  “…it looks easy on this video, bu depending on the model, this is borderline impossible to do without breaking one of the little bars of the mounts that attach to the hooks on the keyboard. This plastic doesn’t stretch very easily. If you are ordering parts, I recommend that you order more than one of the same key that you need to replace, in case you break it trying to get it on.” Hmm… to remove or not remove that G!

Plan B suggested by fellow stuffoholic was to CTRL C the G and then CTRL V as necessary. They sometimes like to check how far I will go to avoid buyin somethin new.

The dilemma therefore was to risk repair and potentially make matters worse or opt for a world where I live without g , avoid words with g and tell my family and friends ‘thins may never be ood aain’.  As I mused, I realised that for all my ‘broken’ stuff I need to decide if it can be repaired and if not does it need to be rehomed and/or replaced. To decide how much for a simple life I need things around me that work or will I feel better if I can live with those that need to be gently (like that) coaxed to work. Do I need to take more chances that miht work out because if they do things will be better. No answers today but we and the minions wish you Seasons reetings and a Happy New Year.

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