No words

Today the cold continues to slow me to a halt and the post title not cryptic but a fact. Today, to find some words, I choose to quote myself rather than some well known author or wit.

” Fishing has never appealed as a pastime. Why would I want to catch a fish for fun when it was minding it’s own business and meant me no harm. Sitting on the banks of a river pretending to fish quite a different matter. So today notice on virtual door says “gone Fishin”.  Imagine the buttercups peeping out from grassy river bank. Sitting under large umbrella to shade me from sun. Not expecting to catch anything except a little peace and quiet. That’ll do me nicely for today.

Today Gone Fishin. As ever if this is not enough then with food waste in mind . Here a use for the bread mountain and a little theatre too. Bon Appetite.

“….Her delicate hands using such precision to cut the crusts off the bread. I remember wondering to myself if it hurt the bread’s feelings that we didn’t like him just as he was.….”


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