The Joys of Repurposing

Today the cold has reached my core and my hands do not wish to fly across the keys.  Please be patient if I seem a little slow-witted too.

As stuffoholics we like to think of our possessions as vintage and loved, rather than old and worn out in need of replacement (yes this does feel like it is getting personal!) Last week I watched the glass butter dish lid slip from my hand and hit the floor. I did not think as it fell in slow motion –  great I’ve been wanting a new one for ages. No, as I saw it break into pieces, my first thought was – can you superglue a butter dish lid? The butter dish, a reminder of a bustling house and a time when it needed to be filled many times a week.  At this point I realised that perhaps like the rest of my life the butter dish needs downsizing or to make me feel better ‘rightsizing’. I reluctantly googled ‘glass butter dish’ to find a replacement but knew I really didn’t want to buy more stuff given the battle to get 5 a day out the door.  Luckily I thought instead- there must in that kitchen drawer which contains things that will be useful someday be something to put butter in.


Hmm… as you can see glass jars and ramekins are my Achilles heel. Today though, to my surprise, the ramekin stash was part of the solution not the problem. A ramekin combined with  a small glass bowl- the perfect butter dish for my current life. One ramekin finally repurposed to again see the light of day.


All’s well that ends well as they say, but suggestions for what to do with the bottom half of a ‘vintage’ glass butter dish very welcome. It would be nice if it didn’t languish in the someday drawer too long!


p.s. The clutter gods are playing with me. My son has been clearing out and he just said “Here you are, I know you like to keep them, here’s a ramekin.”  No…………

1 thought on “The Joys of Repurposing

  1. Can two people in a home agree about what constitutes clutter? For me there is only one possible shape of coffee mug for a bloke. It’s absolutely cylindrical; c. 95 mm high by c. 80 mm wide, and about 2mm thick. Preferably plain. Everything else is clutter.

    The mug cupboard is overflowing with assorted shapes, some of them pretty impracticable, and/or with designs that I wouldn’t be seen dead with. Can we get rid of this lot? ‘No, they’re my favourites,’ she says. How about these? ‘No, they’re my favourites too.’ And these? ‘Favourites.’ The word ‘favourite’ has become devalued, but don’t get me going on the abuse of words.


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