Picking Pomegranates

low hanging fruit

Last week was Samhain marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. You would therefore not have been surprised to find a food waste post on gleaning and thought title was meant to be ‘Picking Pumpkins’ but somehow autocorrect had stepped in.  But as it happens today after the soul searching of previous weeks and sense that progress was not as rapid as imagined decided to remember the benefits in any change programme of ‘quick wins‘ or  less commonly ‘low hanging fruit’. To my surprise amongst the free google images was low hanging pomegranates, so picking pomegranates which conjured up summer days not gloomy winter it was.

So what are the ‘quick wins’ ? An excellent question which deserves an answer of the same calibre but I don’t have one prepared. After all these months the only way to achieve a ‘quick win’ would be to change my mindset, my emotional attachment to stuff and hate of waste. That is no ‘quick win’. That I suspect will be my life journey.



Hate to disappoint but all I can do for today is at least tackle food waste and offer you a recipe for pumpkin soup.



….and for your understanding wish you good luck in life in finding fruit laden pomegranate trees that you can reach.

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