One minute uncluttering

Uncluttering isn’t just about the physical strength to shift stuff it’s a mental battle too. So this week to support me on my travels decided to revisit a favourite google find, from the land of fast food and want it now, the 1 minute meditation. Instant gratification even on a spiritual level. Despite my initial judgement based on stereotype and prejudice  it proved worth a try. After all you can spend a minute waiting for google to load on a slow internet day.

I then wondered could I take the 1 minute concept and translate it into a tip that would never fail for a moment to make my clutter disappear. I could and here it is.

Find a spot and a picture of a favourite uncluttered view. Look at pic for one minute then shut eyes and transport yourself there leaving those piles of stuff behind. Just for a minute stay there, for that moment be happy and contented in the land of unclutterment.

That’s cheating I hear you cry. I opened my eyes and my stuff was still there. How does this help. Because clutter is only stuff you perceive to be clutter so when you need to you can always go back to land of unclutterment again. If you want things different in the real world make the decision as to whether you want that stuff to still be there when you open your eyes.

If today has been a struggle and you want a more action based one minute uncluttering tip that would result in stuff moving. Then just click arrow and let lady luck decide what next.  Whatever you choose to do I wish you many clutter free moments today.

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