Books on the bridge

It is cold, it is wet, it is August. No this is not a test sentence set by my son to see if his pupils have learnt the months of the year. This is how it is. Cold and dark and wintry when we might instead have expected a little vit D top up. Such is life and the weather latest excuse for not tackling stuff. It is instead, perfect weather for spending too much time googling. Thus chanced across an article  which got me thinking about tackling stuff in a different way.

Public library … Shaheryar Malik’s books.After all, Shaheryar Malik felt better for deciding to empty his apartment of books by leaving them in huge heaps in public spaces across Manhattan.  Why not me too. What a good idea, book crossing but with a twist. Taking it one step further, instead of books could just take bags full of stuff and artistically leave piles of stuff around London as works of art and random regifting. Why had I not thought of this before.

Before you respond with outrage. It’s ok I did nothing. Still (for now) appreciate when crossing a line between guerrilla declutterer and criminal. My piles of stuff would clearly constitute flytipping.  No-one not even long suffering family or friends would view it as installation Art. Freeing himself, Malik , depending on your perspective either dumped his stuff on the rest of us or gave us a present. Truly a First World problem. Whether to choose to divest or keep stuff a luxury many don’t have. Lesson learnt is that piles of stuff can rule, ruin or enhance life as we choose.

Enough philosophy, action is what achieves results so I’ll finish by directing you to a post  The Bridge by Brooke McAlary that reminds me of this and encourages me to start even when don’t want to. Hope you find your bridge and please leave it clutter free.


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