To do or not to do

Some days, it gets too much. It’s been nearly half a year since we declared war on clutter, yet we’re still up to our ears in it. The blogging & tweeting have been fun. We’ve learned a bit along the way… which plastics can’t be recycled, how to avoid food waste, why helium balloons should be banned… but we seem to have lost track of our initial plan. We are still… possibly more than ever, now we throw nothing away… Drowning in Stuff.

Back from my summer holiday in an achingly beautiful and hauntingly empty corner of England, today I was feeling totally discouraged. What on earth could I blog about, aside from my failure to progress?

I decided simply to post a video from years back, one that always makes me smile; a guy who dances like nobody is watching (and as if he doesn’t care about the state of his house.) Could I find it? Nope. I dug out an old hard drive where I thought I’d stored a list of fave music videos. Instead, in a file marked “Lists” I found “To Do, 2014” and thought I’d share it with you:

No more magazines! Recycle the lot & don’t buy any more.
Scan all the family photos/ sort out existing albums & loose pictures.
Find a frame for hare artwork.
Clear out all articles saved for future reference (& then never referred to again.)
Book cull. Serious.
Figure out how to empty the attic.
Watch the kitchen roof fall in.

My first thought: Who knew I was a Stuffoholic three years ago? My second: Some of those things have been completed! My third: Most haven’t.

And there’s the rub. It’ll always be a work in progress. Some of it will get done. Hey, I’ll even be optimistic and say all of it will get done. Eventually.

But for now I will sit and admire my framed hare artwork and rejoice that the kitchen ceiling was replaced before landing on our heads.

Enjoy the video…


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